AVIWEST manufacturer a range of high quality, professional grade live streaming encoders. The BeOnAIR is their new entry level encoder ideal for streaming to social networks. In this video I take the system for a three day test drive. Watch the video above to find out what I think.

The #BeOnAIR is a very simple yet powerful encoder offering the user a quick startup with the ability to get under the hood and adjust the settings t0 tailor the workflow to their exact requirements. The following, in no particular order are my initial thoughts I shared on Twitter:

The #BeOnAIR offers simple operation, digging deeper in the StreamHub allows full remote control and the ability to build many profiles for different jobs.

Another great feature of the StreamHub is that it offers RTMP pull and RTMP push. In short, you can give anyone a link that they can use to play a stream in software like VLC or a hardware RTMP decoder.

I discovered I could create a #BeOnAIR profile remotely from the cloud and upload it to the encoder. I could set IP destinations and activate them in the cloud and as soon as the unit is turned on and it could stream without having to log in or be online to configure anything.

The three LEDs on the #BeOnAIR unit indicate: Transmitting data Connected to cloud External power / charge The first two would give me confidence during a stream that everything is connected and working.

Turn the #BeOnAIR unit on its side and the display flips 90 degrees. This suggests a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into the design of the hardware.

#BeOnAIR uses adaptive resolution. At a low bitrate the resolution starts off smaller and grows as datarate increases. You can also lock the initial output resolution to the input signal that forces an initial bitrate. 1080 uses approx 2Mbps upwards.

StreamHub is the cloud platform that is bundled with #BeOnAIR. It allows up to 5 simultaneous IP outputs. Previously I’ve been paying 3rd party services for multistreaming, this functionality is included with the package.

The #BeOnAIR is a bonding encoder. It uses up to six internet connections to ensure the bandwidth and stability to get your video live, even in challenging environments.

The #BeOnAIR package come with a #MoJoPro app for iOS and Android allowing you to go live from a phone. You could even have a client install the app and send you the stream remotely!

The #BeOnAIR unit has two internal modems and four SIM slots to allow you to swap providers without fiddling with SIMS in the field.

Video bitrate can be set at up to 20Mbps and the audio can be set at anywhere between 32 and 256kbps, latency can be set in millisecond increments from 800ms.

The #BeOnAIR is a dual-use unit. You can stream video to web destinations such as youtube, facebook, vimeo. You can also send a SST stream to broadcasters via StreamHub Cloud.

The #BeOnAIR has HDMI and a professional SDI Input as standard. It also has HDMI and SDI loop through as well as analogue audio inputs.

Although I didn’t try it out the #BeOnAIR also allows store and forward from the device to the StreamHub Cloud.

The #BeOnAIR unit has a removable battery and can also be powered from a car lighter socket or via d-tap with optional cables.