BeOnAIR, the affordable bonded live streaming solution from AVIWEST continues to impress with yet another live broadcast credit.

Virgin Media Television Ireland has chosen BeOnAIR to provide its live field solution for its daily primetime broadcast, the 6 O’Clock Show. This week saw chef Sham Hanifa from the Cottage Restaurant preparing a dish whilst traversing the waterways of Ireland on a boat.

Shot on a Sony FX9 the 1080 50i signal was fed via SDI and across multiple bonded 4G connections and transmitted live as the boat was in motion. A data rate of 6Mbps ensured a high-quality transmission with a delay of just 800ms.

The video was sent from the BeOnAIR AIR220 transmitter to an AVIWEST StreamHub cloud before being forwarded to Virgin Media as a standard SRT feed.

The BeOnAIR StreamHub Cloud offers up to five simultaneous outputs in a number of streaming standards including SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, HLS as well as AVIWESTs own SST standard. This allows transmission to a number of web destinations and broadcasters at the same time.

See for yourself how BeOnAIR, the most affordable live contribution system performed on the Six O’Clock Show…