I keep discovering features of the #BeOnAIR package and in my mind a serious feature that is seriously underplayed is the ability to store and forward video.

Whilst this isn’t live video to Facebook or the like if you are a news cameraman this allows you to shoot and send your footage to the cloud where it can then be downloaded and edited. You can also add edited files from a laptop and send those to the cloud to be downloaded.

For example, you are shooting breaking news in an area where you haven’t got a good cellular signal. You can record to the AVIWEST #BeOnAIR unit and move to an area where you have got internet connectivity and then send the recorded video files. Or, you might have shot and edited a package. You can drag the final file from your laptop to the AVIWEST SD card and then send that file to the cloud.

Where this gets really good is that through the StreamHub you can set up a user account, this differs from your admin account insofar as that those who login with the user password cannot change settings or upset your operations, they can however access your cloud and its file manage and easily download your forwarded files. 

In short you can offer the AVIWEST as a solution to broadcasters who have no AVIWEST hardware or cloud services!