BeOnAIR from AVIWEST is a powerful hardware and software package that allows content creators to live stream video online. In this article I want to break the system down into it’s three main components and explain the concept behind the system.

BeOnAIR AIR220 Hardware Encoder
Once connected to your camera the BeOnAIR box turns your video signal into data and transmits it to its destination, let’s use Facebook as an example. To be able to do this the video gets transmitted from the BeOnAIR unit by up to six internet connections, the unit has two internal 4G modems to use phone SIM cards (not included). You can also use wifi, ethernet and two more 4G SIM cards via external modems. This box is also known as a live streaming encoder or a bonded encoder. The bonding refers to how it uses a mix of multiple internet connections to send your video.

 The main advantage of BeOnAIR over other systems is that as well as offering bonding it is also battery powered which means you can use it pretty much anywhere. Many other systems are designed to only run from mains power and have a single internet connection. It’s fair to say that you can think of the BeOnAIR system as an alternative to the large satellite trucks that news crews used to use. 

On the subject of news crews you’ll be reassured to know the AVIWEST BeOnAIR unit is in fact built on the same technology found in other AVIWEST units that are used and trusted by film and video crews around the world on a daily basis.

Before your encoded video reaches its destination/s on the web it first passes through the AVIWEST StreamHub Cloud. More about StreamHub Cloud in a bit…

MoJoPro – iOS and Android App
MoJoPro is an application for your smart device that allows it to work as both a camera and also as a bonded encoder in itself (think of it as an all in one version of the encoder box we discussed above). Whilst it’s true you could use any smart phone to create a Facebook live MoJoPro takes the stability of your broadcast to the next level. Using the data connection present in your phone and also a wifi connection MoJoPro uses twice the number of connections that your Facebook app is able to use. The other advantage is that through its connection to StreamHub Cloud the MoJoPro app also allows you to send your video to up to 5 streaming platforms at once, that could be, but not limited to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Vimeo. If you are a camera operator and can’t make it to a job you could also let your client install the MoJoPro app on their phone whilst you then control the stream!

StreamHub Cloud – the software bit
StreamHub effectively collates the data coming from each internet connection and puts it all back together, it also checks to make sure that no packets of data have been lost whilst it made its way across the internet. Streamhub is a very powerful cloud based control panel that allows you to create profiles, i.e tells your BeOnAIR encoder box what datarate it should use amongst other settings. The other major function of the StreamHub Cloud is to send your video on to it’s destination, i.e Facebook etc.

Still a bit fuzzy?
If you’ve made it this far and technology isn’t your thing don’t worry. BeOnAIR has been designed as a system for content creators and video professionals that easily allows you to share video with your audience. The technical features make it up to six times more reliable than other live streaming solutions on the market today.