There are many advantages to bonding or joining internet connections together when you are live streaming video, these include the ability to send at higher data rates, increase robustness through redundancy and be self-sufficient. Lets look at this in some more detail.

Internet bonding is the practice of joining or combining several broadband connections, thus creating a connection that is faster and more reliable. Imagine watering your garden with a single hose, the water flows at the highest speed it can due to the diameter of the hose. If someone steps on your hose the water stops, if someone turns another tap on the water pressure reduces and less water comes out. Imagine watering your garden with six hosepipes from different sources. Would someone stepping on one hose or water pressure reducing make a marked impact? Bonding multiple internet connections is similar…

Data rates
Streaming HD video from an AVIWEST BeOnAIR unit only requires a data rate of 2Mbps, thats really not a great deal. But lets stop and imagine we are trying to live stream from a crowded venue or an event where lots of people are using their phones. When congested, mobile data speeds via cellular services can slow to a crawl. A data connection that is typically 5Mbps could be reduced to 500kbps when being used by hundreds of people. By using four 4G connections you can see how we can take advantage of 4x500kbps to get our stream up to an optimum speed.

Network reliability
You may use a combination of SIM cards and chose to split your livestream between Vodafone, EE, Three and O2. The stream will automatically send via all networks, if anything were to happen and some of those networks became congested the stream would continue to send over the others.

Venue Internet
It may be you want to livestream video via your BeOnAIR unit at a venue that either doesn’t have internet – a church for example. Or the internet is hugely expensive or unreliable – an exhibition centre springs to mind. By having your own internet these concerns need not apply.

Ethernet, Wifi, 4G, KASAT, BGAN – Pick and Mix
The BeOnAIR offers you a number of connections and the ability to combine them. These include two internal 4G modems, two optional USB 4G modems, one ethernet port and one wifi connection. You may chose to stream via two or four 4G connections, if your venue has an ethernet connection why not add that to the combination. You may not have 4G coverage at a festival for example but instead may connect via ethernet to a satellite internet connection. You may be really remote up a mountain and instead rely on a single or multiple BGAN satellite data terminals. 

Ultimately, bonded internet gives you the peace of mind you can deliver your livestream whatever the situation. Multiple internet connections are the digital equivalent of a belt and braces. If you are a professional offering a professional service you cannot rely on a single internet connection and the possibility it could fail. Bonded connections offer speed, reliability and robustness.